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Classic case of fine artisan plate by Pullman Linyi Lushang

精材艺匠板材经典案例之临沂鲁商铂尔曼大酒店[详情] Classic case: Classic case of fine arts and crafts plate by Pullman Linyi Lushang [Detail]

The classic case of fine artisan plate, Kerry Hotel Shanghai Pudong

精材艺匠板材经典案例之上海浦东嘉里大酒店[详情] Classic case: Classic case of fine artisan plate, Kerry Hotel Shanghai Pudong [details]

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  • Instructions for use of decorative board

    装饰板应平放 在通风干燥的地方、以防受潮、暴晒,同时本产品不适合浴室、厨房… Answer: The decorative board should be placed flat and ventilated in a dry place to prevent moisture and sunlight. At the same time, this product is not suitable for bathrooms and kitchens ...

  • Selection tips for blockboard and plywood

    细木工板表面应平整,无翘曲、变形,无起泡、凹陷;芯条排列均匀整齐… A: The surface of the blockboard should be flat, without warpage, deformation, blistering or depression; the core strips are evenly arranged ...

  • How to choose blockboard?

    细木工板 又称为大芯板,是将原木切割成条,拼接成芯,外贴面材加工而成… A: Blockboard, also known as large core board, is made by cutting logs into strips, splicing them into cores, and processing the outer surface ...

  • Characteristics and main uses of mainstream sheet

    家居 装修和家具加工制作中会用到大量的面板材料,面板材料的质量好坏和环… A: A large number of panel materials are used in home decoration and furniture processing. The quality of the panel material and the quality of the panel ...

  • How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of large core boards

    鉴于目前 市场上近一半的细木工板(俗称大芯板)质量不合格,国家质检总局… Answer: In view of the quality of nearly half of the blockboards (commonly known as large core boards) on the market, the AQSIQ ...

  • Selection criteria for veneer panels

    1、 首先要根 据用途及个人喜好选择相适合的材种、花纹和颜色等;装饰单板贴面… Answer: 1. First, choose the suitable material, pattern and color according to the purpose and personal preference; decorative veneer ...

  • About the acceptance range of joinery in decoration

    木制品所用的主材、辅料和配件的品种、质量、等级、型号、规格和颜色等… Answer: The varieties, quality, grades, models, specifications and colors of the main materials, auxiliary materials and accessories used in wood products ...

  • Instructions for use of plywood and blockboard

    选 购的胶合板(细木工板)应平放在通风干燥的地方、以防受潮或变形… Answer: The optional plywood (blockboard) should be placed flat in a ventilated and dry place to prevent moisture or deformation ...

  • What is a fire board?

    防火板又名耐 火板,或高压装饰板。 Answer: Fire-resistant boards are also called fire-resistant boards, or high-pressure decorative boards. It is made of kraft paper impregnated with resin, after high temperature and pressure ...

  • What is Blockboard

    1、定义:细木 工板即人们所说的"大芯板"是一种特殊的夹芯胶合板,是由厚度… Answer: 1. Definition: Blockboard is a kind of special sandwich plywood.

  • What is plywood

    以木材为主要原 料生产的胶合板,由于其结构的合理性和生产过程中的精细加工… Answer: Plywood produced with wood as the main raw material, due to the rationality of its structure and the fine processing in the production process ...

  • Definition of MDF

    密度纤维板 是人造板材的一种,它以植物纤维为原料,经削片,纤维分离,板坯成型… Answer: MDF is a kind of artificial board. It uses plant fiber as raw material, after chipping, fiber separation, slab molding ...

  • Definition of particle board

    刨花板又称碎料 板,是用木质碎料为主要原料,施加胶合材料及添加剂等经干燥… A: Particleboard, also known as particle board, is made from wood chips as the main raw material. After applying glue and additives, it is dried ...

  • Definition of decorative board

    装饰单板贴面胶 合板属于人造板的一种,它是将天然木材或科技木刨切成一定厚度的… Answer: Decorative veneer and plywood is a kind of artificial board. It is cut from natural wood or technical wood to a certain thickness ...

  • Definition of fire board

    定义: 以表面为 色纸含三聚氢胺树脂、芯材部分为牛皮纸含浸酚醛树脂,层叠后经高… Answer: Definition: The surface is colored paper containing melamine resin, and the core material is kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin.

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